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October 2023 - Turkiye; Eskisehir Sazova Park

Day 21-22. Turkiye; Eskisehir.

Left Istanbul with the idea to make it to Ankara for a night or two.  Metro out to the train station, but while on the metro the person who was helping me figure things out and where to get the train said Eskisehir for sure to stop.  When I went to buy my train ticket someone else recommended Eskisehir and it was a recommendation from Tomaruck too so it was settled.  A great recommendation!

Eskisehir is a great town from of architecture, cannels, bars, restaurants, markets and great walks.  I really enjoyed my time here and loved the bonus that it didn't feel touristy at all.  I think I was the only foreigner in the place!

Not many taking the metro
out this far

Always amazes me how people in routine
could care less about their daily views

Xrays and security to get on

Marmara Sea

Very industrial

Near Izmit

In to the mountains

Arriving to Eskisehir a beautiful University Town roughly 4 hours by car from Istanbul.

Train station

KOC by train station rip off $15 or so and
I think they charged me $5 for the drink which
I found out weeks later should only be $1.

Deeps Hostel, one of only a few options, had a good room and a lovely staff cleaner.  No reception as usual so far in Turkiye.  Everything done via whatsapp. Got a great price on the Friday, but it was double for Saturday for the same room so I switched to a single for the same price as the double on Friday.  All good though.


Made it out of Istanbul!

So this shooting game is popular here.
Turkiye is like a continuous carnival every day...
More than enough bridges

All picked veg, stuffed rolls.  Amazing!!!

So healthy

Long walking streets

Lots of money spent on 
beautiful architecture

Could walk forever here


Sounds odd to me...Ufuk?

A full day for sure

Fantastic at Neyzen Meyhanesi
The waiter Kenar "On the house" for the water
Not being a beer drinker I have
subbed in energy drinks, but
not for the taste

Finally some live acoustic guitar at the smoke filled Varil bar!  Thanks Turkiye.

Second day in Eskisehir without researching well I decided to hike to the Disney like Castle near town (4km away) which in the end was built in 2014 not 1618...oops.  And is truly Disney as it is at kind a theme spot Sazova Bilim Park.

walking the river

Sorry guys, no food

Some local construction

Once an overly sexy staircase

found where the river dried up

Middle of nowhere

That's where I would get my
wedding pictures taken

Wished this was real...

Sazova Park

More Disney, Black Pearl kinda

A little annoyed at myself over the distanced I walked and the lack of research I did.

Porsuk Stream

Apparently a common lunch

Food just laying around
Luce and Chestnut

Stumbled upon a street market, so good.

Only wanted 4 plums and this
great guy just gave them to me.
Such a free feeling.

Dates, figs, pears, bananas,
mandarins and 4 plums $5. 
Stumbled upon a couple, Jaco and Elria, from
 South Africa which of course brought to Neyzen

Below videos of three different types of bars I stumbled upon on my last night.  Ones that I could get in to anyway even though I didn't have a reservation or a girl to come in with me.

Super flamboyant singer, very entertaining.

Caught the last song or two and hung out with the band after until they went home to their ladies...poor Brad.

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