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November 2023 - Turkiye; Kas and Return to Antalya

Day 37-39; Kas then back to Antalya. Over the hills again in the direction of Oludeniz and beyond along the coast making my way back to Antalya for a few nights before flying off to Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Day 37. Jumped on for 3 hour trip on a half full 26 seater bus to the smaller coastal town of Kas that sits on the incline between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. A beautiful spot for sure, especially the peninsula that separates the lovely bay and the open sea where it's possible to walk across from one to the other in 30 seconds.

Beautiful contrast

The 26 seater mini bus

Reminds me of Southern Spain


Buildings all over the hillsides

Almost no parking for this highway side beach

Another side beach

Kas marina, one of them anyway

Good signage to my hotel

Nice little spot right in town, $40 w/breaky

Let's see where this goes

Along the secondary highway to the beach

I'd be up for that van life

Looking back to end of bay towards Kas

Looks like they have been 
walking for days

The highway I came in to town on

Cool to return with a moto

All those beautiful boats

Incebogaz Plaji/beach.

Incredible colours on the Med side

so deep so quickly off shore

A lost city?

Spent time around Antiphellos Ancient City leading up to sunset.
Steep steps

Views from the top of Kas

Citroen making ugly cars since 1919! Watch the video to hear what I really think.

beautiful nature, but maybe not
as a car?
Magic as always

Well we are all here

Edible cactus?

town built on hills

Nice little town centre, active.

Found myself a cider at
Barcelona Cafe. And the
drunkest guy found me, haha.
Live music at Sahne

Day 38-39.  Headed back to one of my favour spots in Turkiye, Antalya. A nice breaky in Kas, then 3 hours on a jammed packed bus arriving in the rain yet I survived, haha. A few quiet days in Antalya to wrap up 3 weeks in Turkiye. Thinking to return with a motorbike next summer...Let's see.

Look at that spread

Not a bad view

Some bikers getting lazy and taking the bus, haha

Somehow with all the people and luggage
I still had a extra seat no one could get to.

Bye Kas

For some reason there is a 
big bus station far from town?

Reminded me of Italy or Greece

Eventually I had to share my
row with young Munire

more pocket beaches

Wow, goats along a highway with no real space

Lovely coast

Bye Munire my new friend

Different kind of maid company

One of the national parks

One of these things is not
like the other...

Back in rainy Antalya
Kinda like how I felt

Lily Town Hotel

Last night at Rockbull.
One bartender pours pretty
heavy...oh tequila.

Some Turkish poker player
that knows some of my friends
in Playa.

My fav cheap lunch spot.

Yeah, I feel ya buddy

Last meal in Turkiye when I found out all doner is marinated
in yogurt...My damn lactose intolerance...
Salgam such a tasty salty juice made from turnips and carrots.