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November 2023 - Turkiye; Fethiye, Oludeniz, Amyntas Rock Tombs

Day 32-36; Fethiye. On the road again and over the Taurus Mountain range to the Southwest coast of Turkiye hoping to connect with a sailboat and check out the area close to the Eastern Greek islands. Only 200 km or so from Antalya to the classic sleepy fishing town turned touristic.

The good 1 and 2 seat set up bus

Agricultural zone

Stop midway to destination

Checking out the farmer's products

Forest area as we approached Fethiye

Arrived in Fethiye walking about 2 km to arrive at Mykonut Aparte Hotel which is good enough, but under renovations and a bit far from centre compared to where I switched to the last few days.  Downtown Fethiye Suites which was the best stay for me in Turkiye!

Best shower of the trip!

A gorgeous bay full of boats and mountains

A great promenade
Into the centre full of restaurants

View from room

Look of high tourism

Few meals at this Family owned

Fishing town

Really good cheap lunch $5

Always busy.  Good waiter Alper was helpful

The central fish market

All the colours! Each seller with different prices.

Decided to investigate along the bay to a possible beach about 4km walk away in my flip flops...Just do it, hahahah!

beautiful park, with hammocks

Back channel of boats

Nice mansion near the water

Looking back to Fethiye

Found the rocky Calis beach 4 km from town.

Back the easy way

$2 water taxi back to town

Lazy dogs

Night life in this small town

Not sure I'm up for late night
shell fish from a stand lady
Love the parking for motos
more moto parking
One of the first Tesla I saw

Checked in to the best apartment of my trip for the price! Downtown Fethiye Suites which was a big 1 bedroom, with huge living room, balconies and just lots of space over all and good location. Happy Chappy!

View from balcony

Check this place out

Took a walk up the hill to Ancient City of Telmessos and Amyntas Rock Tombs.  $3 (60 lira), oh well...

Nice to go somewhere people and tour guides aren't.  And enjoying amazing views over Fethiye.

Had to jump up this ledge
to get a good look

Back on the road trying to 
find another way down to town

Kale Kaya Mezarlari

Not just Mexico that has tonnes of trash laying

Found these stairs all along
the perimeter, some useable.

Apparently Greece is half the price for boat slips.  $1300 if you can get a spot here! 2 year wait list.

A good day and a good night.  Met Jaap, who gave me directions, a Dutch married to a Turk that live in Germany half the year. Had a few drinks in the centre.

Jaap, Tuba, Yanar

Good music at Deep Blue bar

Oludeniz Beach; The last place in this area to check out before I started my way back towards Antalya to fly out of Turkey.

Ancient City of Telmessos

Tasty lunch $9

A simple Mosque

packed bus over the mountain

Here we are Oludeniz

Off bus and to the right to check out the Lagoon

The Left side, well actually all of the beach in the panorama. 

no smoking beach...

Oh coke, you clever bunch

On the corner beside the lagoon

all the paragliders

Coming in for a landing
Paraglider runway
Other Stuff

Tried to fly with Pegasus multiple times, no luck
Cute as anything!!!

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