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October 2023 - Turkiye; Antalya, SCUBA, Bazaar

Day 26 - 31; Antalya.  Night bus from Cappadoccia to Antalya which in hind sight worked out but I missed the landscape of middle Turkiye on the way. Had the whole back of the bus to myself so able to catch a few winks.

Trying to get some blogging in

Morning in Antalya for the next week or so in a city that I knew I would like.

Bus to metro only 300 m walk

Nice and clean

easy once I figured out paying with visa directly

I like it

can't stay quiet like this morning

Down in to the heart of the old town

Orange tree, oh nice

Hakan the owner giving me a big triple for $30

Very thankful to find Gizli Bahce Hotel that granted me a very early check in at 8am.  That's damn early. Had many of good chats with Hakan the owner who had been running the place for 20 years.  Right in the heart of old town with its own garden bar and next to my favourite bar "Rock Bull".

yet another non paper country

Walk around the centre and to the beach which I was craving again since my time in Bulgaria.

Lots of restaurants and bars
woven in to these curved streets

Slipperiest steps on the planet!

The tiny central marina for
tour boats basically

Central Beach Club

Break water

Front of the hotel

Heading South along the coast of Antalya

Looking over the tram tracks

Posser, but still cool

weird name for a grape juice

Incredible cliffs along the coast

2 km to the beach, tram would
have been a good idea.

Good tourist look out for a photo

Rocky beach...damn, but hey different.

Beach socks or shoes not a bad idea

Pretty damn good 

Tram back to centre

Love this shot

pricey Adana Kebab plate

A few drinks at Gizli Bahce Garden then over to Rockbull.

Turtles in the garden

Found a sneaky hack
4 x tequila shots for $6 so I put
it all together on ice!


A bar that I liked a lot until I got banned...Odin Pub.  Outdoor chill music until 12am then hard rock inside until 3am whether there was a crowd or not.  We had a peak crowd of 8 including two entertaining Siberian girls which were the first Siberians I had ever met.  Turkiye is full of Eastern tourists, especially Antalya. 

Inside great rock music which I had been looking for since I left Ireland at the end of September.

Sad Side Story "Life Time Ban": While at the inside part I met everyone and was enjoying myself a lot.  Later when the Siberian girls left I ended up chatting to a Turkish girl still drinking a beer by herself at 3am and me eating the free popcorn at her table.  She left to have a cigarette like everyone else in all of Turkiye and then some guy came over and told me I was banned...I looked at him and said "what...whatever" and I went to the bathroom and then back to my hotel.  A good night I thought until 2 nights later when I went to check out the bands again only to find out I was banned indefinitely from Odin Pub! WTF!? At that moment I wished I had at least peed on the toilet seat the other night, hahaha!

The Siberians

Another day walking around and this time making about 6-7 km to the Bazaar and back to the city.  Awesome day.
Best snack!  Stuffed vine leaves

Hidirlik Tower

Looking South along the coast

Charging tables in the park
free Wifi...good right?

Park restaurants

Promenade connecting coast

Blackberry, likely not licensed?

Beautiful midtown garden resto

But this is where I ate
Custom Haka pipes

Getting close to the market

At the Muratpasa Belediyesi Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Katli Kapali Pazari - OR - Some Turkish Market

Isotope double bananas

$8 for this great doner plate

Meltem Doner

In to the night

Sellers out in the night

Little Diving Action: When in Antalya...Go for a few dives on the cheap and not good side, but still glad I did it!  Think it was 35 euros all in.  Bus to boat, boat ride, lunch, 2 x dives.  That's great.

Side Story: How do they do this so cheap?  Shared tanks and gear.  So they take 24 people and go in groups of 6 with all of the 5 guides going in and out with each group and of different levels.

Lots of mountain range near Antalya

Always nice to see boats

here we go

Oil tankers so close by

You guys coming... not much to see

Nice coastal hills South of Antalya

Turkiye seems fished out...

Fun group of people made it even better.

I have seen better formations...

The one fish we saw, jajaja

Super cheap spot - $5 for lunch

Over looking old town

switch over to a double room with a comfy chair

Junk collector, nice

Red wedding

Another $6 lunch

Ah yes, a Turkish Bath was on my list and completed in Antalya. Yeni Hamam the spot near old town.

Home cooking

Friendly family restaurant since 1974!
Internet cafe still existing?

Getting ready for the 100 years of Turkiye

Inside Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate

Nice night for a song

A late night after Rockbull closed a big group made its way to the park with a few guitars.  And yes I played "El Classico" (Free Fallin)

Not like the photo at all

New Zealand losing to South Africa
by a missed try conversion!

Some of Anton's work
for Halloween

Ilhan "Pitbull" and Anton

Tight bathroom

Little Turkish Cola's half price of a Coke

Africa Twin Police Motorcycle!

Police BMW

Another great $7 doner dinner

Love the cleaning toilets.

100 years of Turkey/Turkiye!

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 

I'm sure this is a huge Turkish band, but I don't know them

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