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November 2023 - Bulgaria; Sofia

 Day 40-41.  Why wouldn't I go back to Bulgaria.  I did like the coast and the food fit my diet and I always thought I would see Sofia on the trip so it all made sense.  A quick 2.5 hr flight from the easy to get to Antalya airport (not what I heard about Istanbul) and I was back changing money at an incredible rate near my well appointed studio apartment near the city centre.

Last moments of Turkiye...and the flight over to Sofia.

But first how was Turkiye? Definitely some highs and lows here.  Lots of beauty and new culture to take in, but as a single male traveller I did come against some restrictions of which places I could go and yet another country where reservations are a big thing.  Lots to see and do, touristy yes and prices are up and you likely won't have a chance at the language, but overall an experience to have.  I would recommend Turkiye and definitely to get out of Istanbul and head to the South and Southwest coast line.

Pretty busy

of course pricy
Goodbye Turkiye

Great to have a window seat

Safely landed in Sofia

Nice enough airport. I didn't have much expectation of Sofia, but after a few days visit I really liked it.  Lots of down home foods I can eat, live music and comedy! and surprising amount of beautiful areas and structures including preserved ruins like in Varna.

Former Bulgarian Communist Headquarters

Lots of cobble streets

Markets right by my place

Bulgarian Slap Chop Guy?

In need of wifi I jumped into this spot. Tasty
and only $9 which is maybe pricy in Bulgaria.

Nice little studio with a weird
door handle. Technology...
With great shower

Lovely supermarket and deli Pro Market!

Hotel "Hug" Abrazo

Passed at least 10 barbershops in 3 blocks!

Preserved ruins

History of the ruins, maybe?  I don't know 
either language, but I know one is French.

Comedy club?!

Rain always bumps up the photos
Vazov National Theatre

Chess in the park by headlamp
Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church

Porn Quiz at Rock n Rolla bar

Tasty cider

Good not to be the oldest in the bar, hahaha

Upstairs stand up??

Rock n Rolla Bar that was never
really happening

Quaint live music at McCarthy's pub.  A hidden spot on the second floor of a building with half size windows.  Cozy for sure.

Vitosha Boulevard

Catedral de Sveta-Nedelya

Just love these ruins everywhere

Always got to have lions on guard

Underground garbage disposal

St. Joseph's

Check out the "suicide defense" system/drop gates for the Sofia subway.

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