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November 2023 - Florida Everglades for some days to work on a sailboat

First time ever in Florida and first time ever to work on a homemade catamaran and first time staying somewhere and not seeing anything beside the house and yard where I was staying...

Back Story: Met Dennis on Cruisersforum as he had posted for help working on a 50' Catamaran in Florida with test sailing to be done in November or December.  What a chance to learn and go through a homemade boat with a seasoned German sailor now living in the USA. 

Months back before heading to Europe Dennis and I had chatted and I loosely agreed that if everything lined up I would come to Goodland, Florida, stay in one of his apartments and help him ready his boat and do sea trials too.  Well, the time had come as I was ready to head West to North America and eventually back to Playa del Carmen for the winter. 

I flew from Barcelona to Madrid and in to Miami where Inga, Dennis' German wife of 40 years, met me at the Miami airport and then we drove 1.5 hours to the Florida Everglades where they had been living in an owner designed and built home since 1982.  Cool right...

Yes, it was cool, but not exactly as I expected and luckily I was coming off a few months on the road and very open minded because Dennis was neither German, nor had sailed since 1982, nor had a sailboat close to sea trials, nor an apartment for me to stay...but it was a great few days picking the brain of a very sprite 82 year old philosopher.  Inga was just lovely and cooked specially for me and Dennis was very entertaining and well read and knew much more than me.

All in all, not much was done on the boat, but I had a very different and great experience. 

Super Classic Florida Side Story: "Florida woman with massive hangover goes to hospital to deliver a 9 month pregnancy she didn't know she had"   Yep, this was a story that actually happened to a friend of the boat helper Dean that was told over beers on my last night.  I mean I always read these wild Florida headlines, but to be there when one happens...incredible!!

Out on the street at 8am

Heading to the airport in the rain

Lovely city

Lining up for the plane, hahaha

Thanks for the snacks amiga

Out of BCN turning to Madrid

best travel fruit

Madrid airport, nice

Different airport same dumb people, hahaha.  Lining up made more sense when people used to be able to take way too much carry on, but nowadays its pretty restricted unless you pay the big bucks. These lines are such a great example of how sheople we are.

30 min before boarding even!

And classy too...someone else
will pick it up

And here I thought the line
was done.  Another 20 min.

Chau Espana

Very entertaining guy. bought
everything available, in and
out of sleep the whole way
Love the 10 min into the flight
And we are heading West

Nice propaganda
Get your Vaccine

To have the window on a night like this...

Funny: saw maybe 1 wheelchair
getting on in Madrid and now
an army line of 10+.
Active Americans...

Arrived to Goodland my home/all inclusive/rehab facility for 4 nights.

True sailor style

Hand built, very cool

There she is

Feels like a boat version of film
"The Money Pitt"

Great location on the glades

One of those shops with everything
if you can find it

Sailing or houseboating?

Lovely lunch

Garden bevy spot

Wow, circular cabinets

Views from the roof on the last night

and the first time in 4 days I saw anything

Inga and Dennis
Thanks for the wild experience and sharing 
your home, food and thoughts with me.
Possible boat sailing in 2025.

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