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November 2023 - Spain; Barcelona and Tarragona

Spain. It was time to head West for a week and a bit to get back in to a language I know and a city I have seen before.  Of course to see the Gaudi Towers and hang with my buddy Viktor. As well a few nights in Tarragona a lovely coastal town with lots of sites.

A bit of a tight moment when I arrived back to the Sofia airport not knowing that there are two terminals not very close together.  Thank god I had enough time to mess around, find the intershuttle and get to my gate.  Bye Sofia...

Day 42 to 50+53 - Barcelona. Staying with Viktor for a week then a few nights at an booking apartment while hanging and exploring this great city.  In the past I felt it to be pricy and it is the most expensive in Spain, but as prices rise everywhere it seems here it's staying reasonable and the quality is definitely here. Gluten free beer everywhere, no tipping and a beach nearby.  Bingo!

Again on Wizz Air.  Never got the membership.

Medical Tourism on the rise

Heading to Poblenou

Beatles shot in Bcn

A great mall and food court

Comfy at Viktor's place

Just love Gaudi Tower

Otherwise know as 
Sagrada Familia

Dark gluten free beer!

Incredible architecture

Tonnes of futbolin

Oh to be a vegan in Spain

That's $3.20 canadian per bottle

Alcohol isn't taxed much cheap

First night of fun with my
Roger Moore James Bond Hair

Too much fun?

quick 15 min walk to beach from Viktor's place

Lots of volley!

Found a 50% discount on 
TheFork App

walkable clean streets

crazy jet streams...

These guys get in to it all day

Drinking coffee at the beach?


Another round of 50% off dinner

Hurling at an Irish Bar

Pretty good cook for village kid

Nevermind bar

Awesome skater pit

In front of my new digs

A little ping pong in the park

Cuitadella Park is amazing

Arc de Triomf

Lots of speakeasies

More Arc de Triomf

Semi-outdoor market near Plaza Glories

Loving the all you can eat sushi, 20 euros

Why can't I find that in Canada?

Torre Glories in background

Glories market

Casa Ramos

Documentaries about it

The 2nd floor with all the glass
is where the owners of the
building live. They have the 
whole floor!

Just exploring the neighbourhood

Losing my mind at Gaudi Towers as always.

Lots of development

Another Beatles shot in BCN

Obelisk of Cinc d'Oros

Another amazing structure of Gaudi "Casa Batllo"

Seeing Gaudi towers from 

Los Glories outdoor market

More view of Gaudi Towers
Another delicious breaky!
Thanks Viktor

Day 51-52, Tarragona. Had a great weekend with Luz, a Mexican girl living in Barcelona.  Funny how she felt like my people straight away.  Am I becoming Mexican??  Definitely recommend going to Tarragona, lots of sites and history in the fortress on top of the hill along the coast.  It felt like Game of Thrones at every turn. Amazing that people live in these fantasy type places.

Someone to carry my stuff!

Oh I guess I'll carry all the stuff
Fantastic square

Must have been 300 steps up to apartment

Tarragona Cathedral

Tarragona Amphitheatre

What a sunset
Hey wait, what does that 
sweater say?

So creative

Amazing how capitalism ends...

Love these protection poles

I think this was an act?
Thanks for the tour Luz

Incredible antique table

The waiters always surprised
I was paying the bill. Not 
common in Spain nor are tips.

Inside the Cathedral $4 entry

Quite the pipe organ


So much money to the church

How many people snap photos
of these cute things

Incredible build for how many years?

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