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January 2024 - Healing foot, Visitors from Calgary, Cozumel bike ride, Sunrises

Into the new year with a wounded foot, 2 sets of Polish visitors from Calgary, a day trip to Cozumel and the beginning of sunrises every day. And of course other food, friends and fish viewing.

It felt a little quiet for the first few weeks of the month as I was unable to do the beach activities I love; Volley and Snorkeling.  But hey there's still some other things going on in Playa del Carmen besides the beach.

When not in my house this was
my set up to get around town.

Incredibly no stitches, but super deep and 
needing a lot of time to seal up.
Mike and Marie staying at their
time share near PDC.
Feeding me a bunch of bottles.  Thanks guys!

RICE - elevation Brad!

Looking like an accident event

A quick outing to check out my friend Lou singing at the new spot Contra Cultura.

Bike still sweet as mate
Thanks for the help friends

Close enough...
Foot is good!

So in to the water I go, yes!  Took my buddy's buddy for a snorkel at Coco Reef

Who's this tourist? Umit.

Made a few big changes near the end of the month... Decided to start going for sunrise and put a stop on drinking alcohol.

Coco Beach

Then my friends Thomas and Aleksandra from Calgary came to PDC for a few week visit.  They brought lots of energy that's for sure.

Ferrying over to Cozumel

On Cozumel looking back to PDC

Water so calm due to the wind
protection of the island

Near the airport where you can fly in direct, $$$

Lacking patience pushing Alex

Alex and I agreed, turn back

Bloody hot for January

Beach time
Clear water, why not live in Cozumel??

Central Plaza

Ferry Terminal

Monster Cruise Ships

Like 5 of them?

This was a good day

Main beach of PDC

Good times in PDC

Cool to see you guys

Another sunrise, great
And some microing

Other Stuff
brake cable repair $2.
Thanks again M and M.
Rain riding in traffic in Cancun
Thomas left this folding bike behind, cool
OMG, Cute!
Love those pickled carrots

Doing well Blue Demon
Oh yeah, I have a mechanic 
living next door who's shop
is our street.

Walmart sucks!


slab ice cream

Look how it finishes. wow

Lot of chips
Bad Asses

Bad Ass Vanessa