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March 2024 - A New Nemo, Deep View Snorkeling, Trip to El Cuyo and a Minor Motorbike Crash

In this month I made a New Friend Underwater, spotted Eagle Rays, Turtles, rode to El Cuyo and had a Minor Motorbike Crash in Playa.  Plus many more little bits and pieces that come living in the Mexican Caribbean in March.

Nemo 2!

Almost every morning at the beach for early sun and activities including my meditation and yoga 2 min plank every day for over 4 years now.

Sunrise and a volley ball court
Somebody had a big night. Tecate Red - gross

Bobbing in the waves, not too bad in kayak position, but no chance I can do stand up like this.

Check out this monster speed boat fly pass the sun...

Enjoying a little chocolate before jumping in
Swell high enough to disappear a dive boat
There's the boat
Into the water where it's calm

Showing my buddy Miguel Coco Reef even with middle of the road vis still a good time.

Miguel from Vball

Follow me buddy

Caribbean Whiptail Stingray which luckily was not the one that got my foot New Years Eve. That would be a much smaller stingray.

Looking down with my better waterproof camera good for seeing distance, like 20 m.

much more detail with this camera Fuji XP140

starting deep, 15+ m


Hey there little guy
Now more swallow at about 4-6 m depth all of the sudden I had a new friend.

What's your name?

Sure let's play

It really felt like he would rest in my hand
Just love it
Continuing with more amazing footage and species...Eagle Rays!  Turtle!


A pack of swimmers heading to Punta Esmeralda

Such a different type of movement from this Scrawled Filefish using what looks to be a corkscrew for propulsion.

Eagle Rays (spotted ones too!) which I had never seen before, so why not 4 of them at once!

See Spot Swim

Super peaceful

And then this guy joined in on the fun!


a demonstration of how far above I am

Nice little Asado at my buddy Victoria's place.  Every time I come over they have done some new renovation.  Lovely spot in Ejidal.

New BBQ area

Look at the illumination for the pool area

Hanging with Telenovela Star Jazmin "Venado" who likes snorkeling, motorbikes and eating beef.  We have so much in common, jajaja.  Took a quick trip to El Cuyo, a place I had been meaning to get to. Also where a huge surprise happened running in to my Italian buddy Davide who also travels all over the beach world.

Great Road Trip Snacks or
Birthday Party Favors

Here we go

Let's rock
The new rail system

chilling kitty

Yep... this is a highway

a lot of towns and topes (speed bumps) in route

Colonia Yucatan

Just another highway through town scene


Big Eagle!

two lane highway?

Just about there

El Cuyo

Hot day

When its hot...get to the beach

Catch the sunset


Then into sunrise the next morning.  Great Beach!

Great morning

Side Story: Well in El Cuyo we prepared to go for dinner and ran in to Davide an Italian buddy of mine that I met in 2018 on the flight from Europe to Cancun. He's a Tulum guy and I'm a Playa guy, but we always seem to cross paths somehow.  This time it was truly an unreal surprise!

camping choice, first time. It was good.

No way!  Davide!

Back in Playa 3 Bad Things in a row... On the last Sunday of the month I tried with two different bicycles to get to the Playacar beach with friends and both times one of the bikes I was using failed and both times I had to walk the bike back to my house about 1.5 km.  Hilarious!

Then on the Monday without bicycles I jumped on my Motorbike to do a few things and found myself in a blindspot behind a parked truck on a "famous for being" dirty, slippery street Ave 30!  Needless to say an older driver crept out from behind the parked truck without stopping as I arrived at the intersection of calle 44.  I was forced to swerve and apply my front brake which equals sliding to the ground.  A little ouchy to my rib and a few scrapes.  Before I could get my breath and take a photo a stout Mexican had already moved the bike while I was searching for my flip flop.  I survived without too much pain but surprisingly developed a minor infection in my foot.  Yikes.  Learned a lot that day and the days to follow.  Bad and good experiences.  Cracked rib and big bruise on my hip.

1st Bike: broke chain

2nd Bike: popped tire

ok ok, it was ready to break.

Motorbike survived the crash.
Only some scrapes on the crash
bar and a bend in the handgrip.

seemed like minor scrapes

Actually went for a massage 
that was booked right after crash
Johan taped me up.

The dirty intersection 30 y 44

Finished the last shot of tequila
in this bottle. ONLY drink
in 2 months at this point.
Those are looking weird

yep, swollen
Ah...and a big bruise on my hip

Other Stuff

Tweaking my short to be filmed in April

oh my love, Mango

Peruvian ceviche, tasty

Found a spot on the other side of town yet with
centre of town prices...
Cecina de Yecapixtla
one of my favs for beef

hmmm, that's $80 usd for a 
box of granola bars...wrong
Who works here??

Finally bought some better
electrolytes from amazon

setting up for a night of singing

$180,000USD for this home with water shop
what a deal...
tasty jicama root veg you can 
eat raw

Another tasty steak at Chedraui

Discovering Amaranth

Moto shop balances tires but
you need your own weights

pulling apart a vball to discover
it came from the factory with
crap tape over the bladder rips.

Best garbage can ever!

Jaz making a snorkel angel

At the local market thinking
how popular sugar is...
all the colours

Maybe buy some shades

Pastor used to be the cheapest, now almost the top

Still love the Pastor

My internet cable snapped. So,
they run 100 m of new cable,
rip out the old, make a mess...

doggy hitching a ride

dominos easy to play after a moto crash

gluten free cookie by Leandro.  Thanks buddy!