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February 2024 - Sun's Up, Fun's Up. Superbowl. Touring around the Mayan Riviera.

In this month I tried to see the sun rise every morning, hosted a few friends, enjoyed kayak snorkeling in the sea and Cenote Azul, and hit the road to Puerto Morelos and Cancun a few times. 

The best way to start a month is when the sun comes up.  Decided to see sunrise everyday of the month which also meant I was in bed before midnight everyday.  Changing patterns! Plus much easier to catch sunrise in Feb than June when the sun comes up at 7:30 and not 6am.  

Coco beach

Super early

Tried calle 38 beach...once and only once

Plate smashing excitement as my friend Viviana from Mexico City came for a visit at the beginning of the month.

Horrible dish rack, larger plate...
...Equals a million pieces

Hanging at playa 72
Checking out Punta Esmeralda Cenote

Looking back to my love, Coco Beach

Felt like a scene from a horror movie as we came up to this boat which appeared to be anchored on the reef, wtf?  In the end it turned out to have gotten free from its anchor and was floating off to sea...  We weren't the only ones to see this as by the time we got back to shore the boat had already been retrieved and anchored again.  All the same a little creepy...

Scuba boat

Vivi taking in Coco Reef

Never dangerous unless you tickle their head
with your toes

Spent an afternoon in the highly tourist Cenote Azul. It's good, but of course now at $12/person...

I like the weirdness of this photo

Pretty clear water in these cenotes.  Chilly though


It's high season

Absolutely love the photobomb here!!!

Good fun

Warming up with a Pozole
Smokyhouse Brisket/Ribs, Yum!

Superbowl Sunday at Dirty Martini bar in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

Somebody made Deviled Eggs!

Lalo won the pool this year. If it wasn't for that
fluke score at the end of the second quarter.
In Cancun passing the new
Mayan Train Station
Grabbing a few games in Puerto Morelos

Finally bringing out my buddy's paddle board to get further out from the shore, 1km out! Thanks Ski.

Freshly installed Palapas
Lucky find

Doubling with Lucky Laura

So deep my wide angle couldn't capture well

still 5-6 meters below me near Playa 88

Other Stuff

my usual coco oil, $6-7

Cutting down what turned out
to be old cocos

Open mic at Buzos.  Go Lily.

Lily using her beautiful voice at open mic

Trying to charge Leo's dead batt

Selling old money from a bunch of countries
Like $15 worth.

How old in this photo?

Eating spicy birria at a new spot on 10ave

After picture, too spicy!

One of my beach foods during
volley ball and probably a 
reason for my new cavity

Using some take home pork
and beef making these tasties

Like $16/kg

Oat and Amaranth cookie

Sol volley ball group bbq

Meat cooked by Horacio from Argentina

Somehow suffering vertigo...horrible!
I think its from gluten...oh man

my lovely friend Vanessa
brought me lunch

making this tasty dish using 
Horacios bbq meat, yes!

hmmm, perhaps I should let
the sun catch more of my 
forehead, hahaah

oh man I love mangos

finally changed my front tire after 20,000km

beach day, vball and paddle board

making jamaica juice

planting palm trees

Food truck chess tourny with Lalo and Cary

Winner was some kid from
Eastern Europe....
Yes, he is like 196cm, 60kg

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