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GEAR - Everything going with me to Argentina

Updated: Nov 2016

I hope to update this list at the end of my trip to let everyone know what was crucial and what wasn't.  I must give credit and thanks to Brian Ross for his great list and blog ideas ( that helped me create.

Duration of Trip: 180 days (actual 261 ), October 11 to April 15 (actual June 27)
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
To: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Distance: 35,000km (actual 34,725km)
*Note: approximately 2 months spent in Buenos Aires with limited moto travel.

Riding Gear 
DON'T RECOMMEND - Joe Rocket Alter Ego (2007) Jacket - Works ok, but you will battle the zippers and some stitching issues.
RECOMMEND - Joe Rocket Alter Ego 10.0 (2010) Pants - A good pant.  Cargo pockets and better venting would be good, but the fit is good and comfortable for a price around $220USD.
DON'T RECOMMEND - Lowa Trekking Boots - Comfortable and good for 5 years, then the sole FALLS OFF!!!  Black leather would be better as gear shifter marks the toe up.  Breathe well and should handle any trek you are on.  Laces have not come undone yet. Water proofing is pretty good as along as you keep water coming in the top of course.  DEAD OCTOBER 2016 (5 years).
RECOMMEND - Arai Vector Helmet - Great and breathes well.  Good for my Oval shaped head.
RECOMMEND - Dianese Gloves - Breathe well and comfortable.

Motor Cycle = 2008 V Strom 650 ABS
RECOMMEND - SW Motech engine guards
RECOMMEND - Givi top and side cases (with racks) - E46 L and 21 L sides
RECOMMEND - Skid plate and oil cooler guard
RECOMMEND - Dirt Skin fork seal covers
RECOMMEND - Moose Racing guards with retro fitted wind guards
RECOMMEND - Highway pegs.  Mine were home made highway pegs (I would like another shot at them)
DON'T RECOMMEND - Hockey net head light covers
RECOMMEND - LED breakaway front signal lights
RECOMMEND - Madstad bracket
DON'T RECOMMEND - SW Motech center stand
RECOMMEND - Renthal crossbar (to stabilize handle bars)
RECOMMEND - 2 x Adjustable bungy straps (bought in Aussie in 2006, not sure you can get in Canada)
RECOMMEND - Keyed 5' Cable lock wrapped around rack
RECOMMEND - 2' of 3/4" Black hose for misc repair (stored between bash plate and motor)
RECOMMEND - keys with temp guage key ring (great!)
RECOMMEND - Tires: Metzeler Tourance 110/80-R19, 150/70-R17
Left Rear Cowling = Silicon spray, Canned Ham, Right Rear Cowling = Disposal rain poncho

Late night install of Givi top case rack.


Bike kit just before entering Mexico

Defective Contiential Trail Attack front tire bought at City Moto, in Quito, Ecuador.  Check out the steering shake from this tire between 40 and 60km/h!

Bad feature about Joe Rocket

This has been happening on this jacket almost since new.

Tank bag = RECOMMEND - Moto Centric 14 L by O'Neil (circular zipper pattern don't work though)
RECOMMEND - Camera - Panasonic DMC TS3 - Two Patriot 16 GB SD cards (DON'T RECOMMEND)
Travel Rocks
RECOMMEND - Phrase Book
Spare keys
Current Map
TLOB Stamp
Granola Bars
Hand Sanitizer plus 2 Wet Wipes (but when do you use them if you only have 2...when you get splash back on you leg)
Permanent Marker, Pencil
Tire Gauge
RECOMMEND - GPS Garmin Nuvi 550 with paper maps is a good system.
RECOMMEND - Unlocked Blackberry Curve Phone (stolen) - Latin America lives on Blackberry
back up currency

Water Proof Bag = OR Light Weight water proof (not water proof at all) bag 30L (not recommended as water proofing peels off, but it is for light use.  Go heavy duty.  I already had the bag.  Don`t put anything in that needs to stay completely dry)
Sleeping bag (used 10 days total so not needed if you have no space)
Rain gear - MEC jacket and pants, Tour master gloves with shield wiper.
Towel, swimming trunks.
Spare visor
Rain cover for Tank Bag
Flip flops - Oakley are fantastic!

Top Case = Givi E46 Litre
Helmet Bag: Watch, Green Army bag (hair drier, scale, sunglasses, 2 x Tie downs, spare lighter outlet), 2nd chain oil, SPOT, Dictionary, ball cap, business cards, Scuba torch, Soft pouch (3 x floss, bug wipes, 10 gastrolyte, Cipro, muscle rub, assorted drugs (pana, Ty cold, ibu, imodium), visor lube, altitude drugs), Slime Case (Torch, MP3 player, Inverter, 4 and 16 GB cam card, micro SD adapter, camera connection cables(should have used this more to save putting the SD cards in and out of the comp causing both to fail))
Red MEC Pouch: Mini Tripod, Tire gauge, back up currency, beaners, pens, Baggy of charging stuff (for GPS, Phone, camera batt), Baggy of Misc (Tenacious tape, needle and threads, elastics, swiss army(sometimes in tank bag), matches and band-aids. Plus Scissors!
Toilet Bag: toothbrush, tooth paste, 2 x shampoos, nail clippers, tweezers, 2 x mirrors, condoms (emergency water container), blemish cream, hair trimmer,

Duct taped wrapped Wet Wipe Tube: Malaria pills, toothpastes, muscle rub, antiseptic & cortisone creams.
Kinder Egg: soap, peroxide, altitude pills, cologne
Sun screen, gold bond, bug spray
All papers/folder
Computer and Roo Case (great case)
Secret stash - $2--, copy of documents

Left Hand Side Case (Cycle Gear Sticker) = Givi 21 Litre
Purple Mesh Clothing Sack: 6 T-shirts (1 golf), 1 Jeans, 1 Convertible pants, 1 Swimmers, 1 Shorts, 1 Belt, long undies (lost), North Face jersey (10/10!)
Small Mesh Clothing Sack: 7 Undies, 5 socks, Bandana, Toque, Gloves

Right Hand Side Case (GPS City Sticker) = Givi 21 Litre
Skecher Shoes
2nd Riding gloves (3 pairs total including Rain pair)
320GB Hard drive
Ski boot carrying strap in order to sling both side cases over shoulder (could easily use BMW tie down strap or something like that)

Clear pouch: Vitamin C (250 pills for lack of raw veg and fruit), Sudoku puzzles, Electric razor and charger, compass, stickers, weighing stick, AA battery charger, GPS mount, tie down strap
Spare parts: H4 Headlight, 2 x spark plugs (1275 CR8E), Rear pads, Front/Rear Sprockets (525), 2 x Tail lights, 1 x signal light, 1 x retainer clip, Fuel pump strainer (carrying used), Oil Filter, Clutch Cable (carrying used)
1 litre Oil
250ml Fuel treatment
Universal plug, stand lamp, head lamp

Tool Tube
Things I don't care if they get stolen.  Extra TP, Granola bars, crackers, small lock and chain, LAN blue cable, spanish dictionary, pit stick (back up), extra side case strap, misc electrical wires from pump, 

Under Bike Seat 
Tools: Suzuki kit (12mm allen from James Cole), 8mm - 17mm Socket set, 4 head screw driver (phillips/flatheads), Bag of : Allen keys, swiss army, JB weld, lock tight, carbon powder lube, zip ties, crescent wrench (cheapo, should have bought a good one), small shammy rag, Slime air compressor (300psi), ciggy lighter outlet to be installed, Tire repair kit (Brown plugs, the good ones), chain oil. 


Lots of registration and passport photo copies
Swiss Army knife with cork screw!
Water proof liner bags, DRY bag for seat instead of light weight leaking one by Orion
More see through pouches for holding multiple smaller items, ie chargers, razor, medication.  Way easier to find stuff!
2 pairs more underwear, 3 less shirt (buy on the way).
Something to cool beer!
Lotion type insect repellent (bought in Ecuador, but it's sticky and kills colours on labels, plastic bag it)
External speaker (bought in Medellin $18)
Water removing fuel strainer
Kindle with 3G (you can pick up internet anywhere there is 3G!!!)
Tour Master Mesh Tour Jacket (better then my old Rocket for the same price)
Big Chain oil (bought one in Lima, went through 2 little ones already)
small hose for gas siphoning
Electronic cleaner and bag of rice to dry wet electronics
Heavy duty zip locks or baggies
Back up mobile phone
More peroxide and more antiseptic cream
Wire mesh to lock around soft luggage or other items
Pain killers
Multi sized plug for sinks and bath tubs (never seems to be one in any hotel or apartment)

Areosol insect repellent
Inverter that runs off cigarette lighter socket (really did I want to use this while I'm riding at 120kph?)
Lulu Lemon underwear - seams cut in to your legs on riding days more than 3 hours long

Motorcycle problems - READ THIS...
Doesn't start when cold

Quits while hot

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