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Calgary Stampede 2007

For those of you who don't know what happens in the beginning of July every year in Calgary, we have the Calgary Stampede / Rodeo. Yes, it's a time when I get to wear my cowboy boots and hat and spread some stampede cheer. The mission this year was to go out 3 nights out of 10 and take in a concert and some drinks. I managed to go out a couple more nights than 3 and that was only because the weather was perfect (28 degrees C all week). The city was busy and I had to take it all in, plus there were a lot of free drinks given to me due to my old ties in engineering.

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Ryan said...

Hey Brad,
Is that Cowboys you are at in those photos? I remember being there during the Stampede in 2005. The place was packed to the hilt!

I've got a blog now too :)

There's a link to your blog on my links page.