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2016 Baltics - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Farewell Grandma.  September 23, 2016
To all the times we shared and things I learnt from you.  Take care and rest now.

The Baltics were completely foreign territory to me considering I had never even met someone from these three countries.  Exploration of the Old Towns of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius were the best way to get a sample of these hidden gems.  As well a Big moment - Moto Parade!
Dressed up for the Baltics

Oh SHIT!  Somebody locked the double doors, TIGHT EXIT!

Peeing Art

"Yeah, I recommend you strap it down"

Bye Finland

Up top on the Ferry in route to Tallinn, Estonia.

That's where you go to get away

A little lounge act for me, 8 more tourists and all the truckers 
Day lounge singing

This place looks alright

Reminded me of Transformers...

Tallinn, Estonia for 3 nights.  A nice, nice little city of about 400,000 people.  Definitely a more Russian influence as lots of hotels and bars have Russian language plus most Estonians I met were Russian Estonian meaning they were born in Estonia, but of Russian heritage.  Quite a few bars in Old Town and a good selection of tasty beer which was a wonderful surprise.  If I lived in Europe I would have a few weekends in Tallinn for sure.

Recommendations:  Estonia Burger, Pizza Americana, Solaris Food Court, Knight Hostel, Hotel Dorell.  No Name Bar for cheap drinks and interesting characters.  Oh and Dubliner for 2.90 euro New Castle!

Tallinn Balloon, I guess they have only one?

I'm here

Resto Pizza Americana

Freedom Square Monument 

Walking the streets of Old Town "What's going on?"

A slipper culture in Estonia
Forgot my Moccasins 

Knight Hostel right in Old Town, Had to move as it was
booked out the next nights.

In front of the hostel

Mid Evil period

Check it out!!  This guy came all the way from China
or Korea.  Never met him, but I was impressed.
But seriously dude, no case for your guitar!

Nevsky Cathedral

Nevsky Cathedral in front of Parliament


Luckily got here before the rain started.  The first of
the Trip!

I'm in a brewing vat!

Cinema club Soprus

Ukrainian pool buddies
Airbnb apartment about 10 min walk from city centre.

Doesn't look like much from the
outside, but the Airbnb was great

My impression of Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction needs work

Estonia Burger - 10 euros!

"Start the day with a Hangover and the day can only get better" Costa.  Thank god it was only 300 km as my stomach was also turning.  Tallinn to the Beach Town of Parnu, C2R6/7T4V4 "Man are there a lot of motorbikes in Estonia, oh wait...It's the end of season huge moto gathering in Parnu!" 

Easy riders...

Everyone had the same idea?

In Parnu

What's this?  A parade?

What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!  Parnu was full of motos on this day as it was the end of season ride Parade and bikers from all over Estonia and some from Latvia flocked here.  I'm sure I was the only Canadian riding an Italian plated moto so that was super cool, but no one even questioned me.  Although the girls handing out after party tickets were in disbelief, not because I was foreign, but because I refused the free ticket.  May be that was a mistake, but I was already booked in to a Motorbike Hostel in Riga.


Holy Moly


Altered Classic

Put on by the MC

Sons of Estonia???

Sponsors, KTM really?

On the motos ready to ride!

Holding formation is hard

"High Five" guy, actually hurts a lot at 35 kph.

By the time I got to the mechanic
guy he could care less.

Quick parade experience video.
Peeling off the Parade heading to Riga

Only 15 minutes to the border and then another 1hr to Riga on highway E67.  C3R7T3V6, Forest, Farms and some rough patches of road.  

Sorry guys, there's a parade going on

EU border, just ride on through

I always get so pumped crossing a border

Baltic Sea

Love these reddish skinny trees

What a sky

In to Riga still in day light, but getting chilly around 11 deg C.  Tucked the moto away for the night at Two Wheels hostel which is nice, but over priced for Latvia (Private rooms were 65 euros or more).  I scored a dorm room to myself as the riding season was over so only me and a few people there.

grassy tram tracks

Two Wheels Hostel

Seriously good food at 2 Wheels

Garlic Toast.  Very salty and lots of fried oil.
I had to share with all around me as it was a little heavy.
when you hang with a Finnish
guy you are going to chew Snus!

Some dance club

I wonder if Aliens take Selfies??

Good breaky at 2 Wheels

hey pal, that was my spot

Art Deco Area

Art Deco

Tonnes of these Gambling Places

Hey this town is alright.  Lots of architecture, nice river area and a bigger Old Town than Tallinn to explore.  With a need to rest I moved in to Riga Apartments for the next 4 nights - So much space and high quality for this yahoo.  And all for 28 euros/night.

The old foil on the top of the beer 

St Peters Church

That pickle was $1 CAD!

Blu's secure parking

Taught the bartender at Kiwi pub\
how to make a Crown Float

Freedom Monument

Planet of the Apes in Riga??

Bikes share the sidewalk which is a disaster really!

The National Opera House

A walk around St Peter's and Kiwi bar where I spent a lot of time watching World Cup of Hockey

You know you are in a tourist spot
when there's vendors

Great views from the Radisson
"Sky Bar"

Riga water front

Freaky as!

At Government Resto
Riga Recommendations - Riga Apartments! Lido resto, Government Resto, Kiwi Bar (as long as your game on TV doesn't go past the 5am close!), Sky Bar, Cuba Bar.

Kinda rested after 5 days in Riga I headed for Vilnius which is yet another 300 km between capitals like Tallinn to Riga (some kind of plan/conspiracy?)  Highway E67, C3,R7T4V4/5.

I made it to Lithuania!

Some kind of meat snack I think
I think the red is for emergency landings 

A little airport with fighter jets
And big Helicopters

Oh Hello there sexy, hey wait a minute...Effective though

Autumn colours


Bigger than expected

Vilnius, Lithuania could be the most beautiful of the 3 capitals in the Baltics.  Sure this was probably helped by the incredible fall colours that had developed over the weeks.  Regardless the city is full of beautiful architecture and history.  And the view from Gediminas Tower / walls was spectacular.  Finally, I must say when you have cool accommodation and interesting food it's a lock to really enjoy any place and Vilnius had all that for me.  Only bad moment was when I got bit by a wasp or wasp like creature in Snekutis bar, TWICE!

Compressed wood blocks that last hours

Infrared heat

Vilnius 400 year old apartment with Infrared heating!

Lots of room for little old me

Crazy Side Story! - While hanging out with new friends at Snekutis a tiny little hole in the wall traditional bar in the Art District by my apartment I noticed this red head walk in who looked very familiar.  "Brad", "Rochelle?"  Yes that's right, I ran in to someone I knew in New Zealand 6 years ago.  Can you believe that???  What are the odds?  Her and her husband were travelling around Europe and some how ended up in Vilnius on the same day and same time at the same tiny little pub!!!  2 billion to 1 odds??  Great that they stayed through the night and we were able to catch up.

That's right, a hair cut and a cocktail
I made an appointment but cancelled
as I knew I had cold weather ahead.

Traditional Snekutis

Great beer on tap
Potato Pancakes, the only Vegan
thing at Snekutis

Worst impression of Dirty Dancing as I used the support of a big Finnish Dude to get me over a corner trapped table seat.

My dance partner


Main Cathedral Square

Literatu Street dedicated to Art

Improvised Live Music, this troop led by Ethan just decided to bar hop and play all night.  I think they made it to 5 bars in the night.  How cool is that!

Chuck Norris Shot
Tequila shot on top of a Jager Bomb

Let's have a tour

A lot of love in Vilnius - Love Lockets

Love is in the Air

Three Crosses on Bleak Hill

The road to Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Tower

Hey Frank, We are out of Stones!
Use a tree!

Checking out the Gediminas Tower
What a view

Walking around the Main Cathedral Square

The Cathedral


Read the signs

Trout for 9 euros.  Tasty

Recommendations - Snekutis bar! Walk up to Gediminas, Chuck Norris shot! Airbnb Jonas Midevil house.

Poland, I'm coming!

Other Stuff

WTF!  Kawasaki stole the VStrom design???

Get your greens in !

Not sure I could share this snack in Latvia

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