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February 2018 - First time in Calgary in 11 years! Heaps of Snow, Cold beer, Canadian dream!

February was full of snow and cold.  Shared a few after hockey ice cold beers, celebrated Tom's big bday, voting in italy crossed my path, meat Tuesdays and struggled to pick my next adventure...

This stuff really should be used, right?

Yes, we had snow, probably some kind of record and freezing cold...bring on the global warming any time now!  Of course this was my first February in Calgary since 2005 so I guess it was payback for all the snow I missed over the years.

Probably 30 cm over 24 hr period

still coming down

This was a different day
40 cm on top of the patio table

Look at that beautifully sculpted path

Let's not forget Canadians play hockey in the winter and drink beer after hockey.  Due to the ever adding rules of the world (Calgary specifically) beer is not permitted in the Arenas and actually not permitted in the parking lot either.  But at -25C who's really going to harass us.

Recommended: At -25 C you need to drink your beer with in 10 minutes before it freezes!

True canadians! But drinking Coors, disappointing...

Even me!

Some more moments from the second half of February...

Good on you Tom, you made it!

Huge traffic back up at 1:30am

I'd like to say this traffic was justified
but really it was just salting all lanes
on the main freeway through
Calgary at 1:30 am on a Sunday night
1 hour stop! and I had to pee!

Tuesday 1/2 price BBQ at Trolley 5.  Only $31 for the platter

So much snow people walked on
the streets

Oh ya!  Polish lunch.  $62 corrected to the real price $34.

The lowest score you can get on one
ball on Addam's Family Pinball

Good bye Z10.  Dirty sideloading
killed my BB.  Actually turned it
in to a brick!

Here's how I decided where my next trip was.

Recommended: Putting 3 travel destinations in a hat and picking one.  PDQ32 sailing trip Texas to Cancun, Cartagena Colombia or Motorbike Southern US to Mexico.  Stay tuned to find out... 

 Having my Italian citizenship means I need to vote (like every 6 months it seems) for provincial, municipal and federal and whatever else comes through.  "Free flights to Italy???" See video.

I need to live in this happy
little country

But where am I going???

Other Stuff

Lost Ring posters on telephone
poles, Wow that's a rare ring.

Found behind the dryer.  The past year I must have been
renting to one sock wearing people.

My my my. Gymtastics
We have to spend our money
somewhere Calgarians...

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