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August 2023 - Bicycle Ride, New Bike, Bingo, Boat Refurbishment and Family Reunions

In this month it was full on summer with all the activities that come with it.  Bike rides to drinks, new motorcycle, bingo with Bonny, family reunions and more.

I just never get tired of sailing the summer sunsets.

A big bike ride with Nate and his boys Kade and Jake hitting a few great spots and a few good drinks.

Kade, Jake, Nate, yo at Cold Garden

Blues at the Blues Can

Look at this blast from the 90's, perfect for those with a DVD collection that need something to play it.

24" TV

And Built in DVD

An even bigger blast from the past weigh scale 60's I inherited from my Grandmother via my mom.  

Never really worked well
and with a rusted broken spring

Not working anymore...hope I
can figure it out one day

Good food section, hahaha

Homemade granola squares

Hybid tomatoes from Thomas

Great scores on Godzilla!

BAC baby!

Crushing Batman

Me and Bubs having fun

Oops...I did it again.  Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in.  It was time to buy a Honda (Africa Twin) after all these years. A bike in Mexico and 2 in Canada...I need more Brad's to ride them!

Spirit and Styker.  Lots of room for you two.

A few days trying to clean up the bottom of my friend Thomas' boat hoping to get it ready and to the West coast some day.  Not much more fun than belt sanding upwards on the boat of a massive sailboat.  Didn't even finish in August.

Hunter 29.5, biggest highway
legal transporting sailboat

Still having fun

Lots of sanding

Family reunion for Mom and a bunch of cousins.  In the video a song they used to sing back in the day.

What a great photo!

Happy Birthday 75th Big Gary and long time family friend and lovely guy. Thanks for the invite.

With a latina daughter-in-law
a pinata was hung and wacked.

Man little Gary looks exactly 
like Big Gary his dad.

Bingo with Bonny, no luck on that day unfortunately, but fun all the same.

Friday night Volley Ball!  OH yeah, in Calgary with those dirty beaches. 

And then the dark ride home. 

Great spot

Side Story: I rode my bike about 14 km to get to volley ball up through the city centre and decided to take a more direct way back.  I can't remember the last time I felt lost in the city I was born in then I did this night when the bike path kept going East with out catching the bridge exits to get going West.  20km and complete darkness I finally got back home.

At the end of the month it was sadly the last Thursday night hockey which meant bbq and a few bevies.

What a spread

Finished off with ribs and ciders at Swigs

Other Stuff

Been watching lots of Sopranos
What's with shipping these days
That's a 14" computer in a 
huge wasted box
I thought $6 for chilly ain't so bad...
then I saw it was 3 spoonfuls in size.
Blackberry lens replacement
I will build this on my lot one day
Good winter Spirit
Signs you live in a country
full of poisoned products!!!
Inconsiderate. Who takes the time
 to do all that, then leave it.
Didn't even flush any of it.

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